Genetics and Diversity of Ornamental Plants

GDO- Genetics and Diversity of Ornamental Plants


The ornamental sector has to face important transitions in the general context of urbanization, global climate change and development of a sustainable horticulture. In this context, the preservation of the genetic resources, their evaluation and the knowledge of their evolution are primordial. Among these issues, the pesticide ban (in private and public gardens according to French laws) and the understanding of perennial plant development are important challenges.

In this content, The GDO project is focusing on the genus Rosa to produce fundamental research on genome evolution and genomics of ornamental traits. The project is declined under two main objectives:

-Impacts of evolutionary history, natural selection and human activities on the diversity of the Rosa genus.
-Genetics and genomics of ornamental traits: especially blooming and sustainable resistance.

All resources developed and characterised in these thematics are continuously enriching the BRC RosePom collections and databases. We are collaborating with ornamental sector to develop tools and resources for breeding new varieties (as molecular markers, assay to evaluate resistance level to foliar diseases…).
Challenges faced by breeding companies in ornamental and aromatic and perfume plants are similar, a collaboration with ITEIPMAI, technical institute for aromatic and perfume plants, has started in order to share our expertise.


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