The Institute

The Research Institute on Horticulture and Seeds

The Research Institute of Horticulture and Seeds  unites the former GenHort, PaVé, SAGAH and PMS laboratories under the auspices of INRA, Agrocampus Ouest and the University of Angers. With a budget of around 2,4 M€ and 230 members, its ambition is to constitute an optimised structure to conduct leading-edge fundamental and strategic research relating to the understanding and exploitation of horticultural products and seeds. For this purpose, the Institute is tailored to develop integrated approaches by coordinating efforts and expertises of geneticists, breeders, pathologists, physiologists, biochemists, eco-physiologists, modellers and statisticians. It is organized in 3 divisions and divided into 13 research teams that will operate on a project basis and have access to mutualised scientific, technological and management resources 

Modification date: 18 April 2024 | Publication date: 28 October 2011 | By: JP Renou