impact of different light scenarios

What is the impact of different light scenarios on the plant architecture and agronomic performance?

A number of new technologies, such as LEDs, photoconversion films (CASCADE Technology), allow to modify the light received by plants and thus open new ways to improve horticultural production. We carry out work, in partnership with the socio-professional world, to understand how different light solutions impact the development of the plant and ultimately the agronomic performance. For this, we carry out ecophysiological characterizations of the response of different components of the plant’s architecture (foliar dynamics, flowering, and branching), its photosynthesis, and agronomic performance of different species of interest.

The three main projects in progress are:

Les trois principaux projets en cours sont les suivants:  

- the CASDAR “IRRADIANCE” project (2018-2022), in partnership with the horticultural technical institute ASTREDHOR, on the impact of light quality on the compactness and branching of the bush rose;



- the ADEME “ECLA” project (2018-2022), in partnership with CASCADE®, on the impact of photoconversion plastic films (developed by CASCADE) on the input efficiency, sanitary quality, resistance to abiotic stress and yield of crops such as tomato, strawberry, lettuce and rose.

- the “CONSERFILO” project (2018 – 2021), in partnership with the Ctifl (Carquefou), on the optimization of LED lighting for the cultivation of cucumber in greenhouse, using a 3D structure-function model that simulates plant growth and yield, taking into account light distribution.





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