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David Rousseau in the framework of industrial partnership with ZEISS enabled to boost significantly the sells of microscope Z1 while speeding up registration of images of 100 Go from several hours to some minutes. Fiji plugin published in Computers in Medicine and Biology 2018.


David Rousseau, Pejman Rasti: Annotated data set on colon cancer (SA-E14-5)

David Rousseau, Pejman Rasti: Organisation of AgTech Data challenge, first national data challenge organized on AgTech (SA-E14-6)

Instruments and methodology



David Rousseau, Pejman Rasti: ANR LABCOM ESTIM  (2017-2020) networks of depth imaging camera for the monitoring of 300 000 seedling delivered to AREXOR

Platforms and observatories

PHENOTIC Platform labeled BIOGENOUEST, IBISA member of national infrastructure PHENOME

Other products


Editorial activities

E. Belin & D. Rousseau. (2021). Biospeckle imaging. Imaging Modalities for Biological and Preclinical Research: A Compendium, 1, I-8, ISBN: 978-0-7503-3059-6. IOP ebooks. Bristol, UK: IOP Publishing. [ | 10.1088/978-0-7503-3059-6ch36 ]

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